CalorieBalance FAQ

What is the caloric balance?

The caloric balance is your total burned energy (resting and active calories) minus your caloric intake from food and beverages. It can be either negative (more calories burnt than taken in) or positive (more calories taken in than burnt).

Where does the data come from?

All of the data comes from HealthKit. The app itself does neither track nor measure your caloric intake or expanditure. You need to have a device that measures and calculates your energy expenditure (like the Apple Watch) and you need to enter your dietary energy into a food tracking app of your choice that connects to HealthKit.

Why is there no data visible?

Please make sure that you have given CalorieBalance all neccessary permissions and that you have data to process. If you use an app to track your food, please make sure it has the capability and permission to write this data into HealthKit.

Why is the bar chart not complete?

lease make sure that you have given CalorieBalance all neccessary permissions. Otherwise it can not pull any data to process the bar graph.

Will CalorieBalance alter my HealthKit data in any way?

No. CalorieBalance will only ask you for reading permission of active, resting and dietary calories. It can not read any other values and it does not have the ability to rewrite your data.

The data is not progressing / updated

Data on the Apple Watch is not processed in real time. App background updates are limited to save battery power and ressources. Therefore, it will happen that complications and the app need to be opened to refresh. I am looking into improving this in the next release.

Why are the numbers different on the phone and the watch?

This has to do with background refreshes, too. The watch resyncs its HealthKit data periodically. Between the syncs, it’s possible that the nummbers are slightly different.

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