Calorie Balance

CalorieBalance helps you keeping your calories in check.

Compare calories burned to your dietary intake and calculate your current balance.

It features a 7 day graph and a 30 day history view on the iPhone as well as a 7 day history on Apple Watch, including 10 different complications.

Good to know:

This app is not a food tracker. You can use any food tracker that uses HealthKit to store the information, or you can enter dietary consumed energy manually into HealthKit.

See calorie intake and expenditure for today

CalorieBalance shows you your calorie expenditure (active + resting calories) and your dietary intake for the current day. Below, there is a quick 7 day history, comparing intake vs. expenditure.

CalorieBalance iOS app

Review your month

CalorieBalance iOS app

At a quick glance

CalorieBalance comes with 10 different complications, to fit your personal watch face. See your calorie balance with just a quick glance on your watch.

CalorieBalance iOS app

CalorieBalance is available on the AppStore as a standalone app for iPhone and Apple Watch.

CalorieBalance on the App Store


Please read our CalorieBalance FAQ.

Privacy Policy

You can find our Privacy Policy for CalorieBalance here.

CalorieBalance on the App Store